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Venessa Waara

Mark Eckel

Venessa Waara

Craig Giles

Craig Giles & Bruce Green

Bruce Green, Venessa Waara, Donella & Craig Giles

                                 TRIBUTE SHOW

Shaza Leigh

John & Elaine Bechaz

Peter Horan

Frank Flissinger

Craig & Roz Giles

Roland Storm

Peter Horan

Venessa Waara

Eddie Lowe

Frank Flissinger

Alan Stewart

Maryborough Country music club

Tasmania 2023

Venessa Waara 

Tasmania 2023

Peter & Betty. Tasmania 2023

Venessa Waara. Tasmania 2023

Venessa Waara. Tasmania 2023

Venessa Waara Corowa Festival

Col & Bev Forster. Morwell show 2023

Elaine Bechas. Morwell show 2023

Josie from Druin Radio station. Morwell show 2023

Morwell show 2023

Bruce Green, Venessa Waara & l, at the end of Morwell concert 2023.

Venessa Waara, at Morwell show 2023.

Sneaking in a quick two step at Corowa Festival.

Venessa Waara

Showing off with a little bit of trick riding out the back paddock

Bruce Green on Pedal Steel. looks like he is paying strict attention to the task.

WOW The tribute shows are great fun. its a huge privilege to sing our hero's biggest hits.

Bruce Green, Venessa and I on stage at TOOLEYBUC MURRAY MUSTER. 2022.

Crage Giles and l Bunyip festival. Many years ago. 

Venessa showing off her bird handling skills.

Caught having a quick relax at HOT fm MILDURA . Waiting on my interview with Max Thorburn. Roz Giles shot this one. GOOD ON YA ROZ.

Frank & Jenny Flisinger, Venessa & l at the Oasis hotel 2023.

Venessa & l performing a duo number at Geelong festival. 2024